Mental Health problems affect millions of us each year, and many of us don’t know where to turn when it strikes. We become prisoners of depression, stress and anxiety. You go to parties and fail to have fun, see friends and fail to connect, gain no pleasure from activities you used to love. Overwhelmed, you can feel like you are losing yourself.

The Mind Map has three main aims – to normalise mental health, to signpost towards services and to provide Mental Health First Aid training.

We have spent the past year developing our resource with clinical input from the NHS, plus a host of young people. The result is an engaging online wellbeing resource we’d liked to have given our younger selves.

The Mind Map also provide mental health and media workshops to young people and are also working with Liverpool John Moores University to research the perceptions and experiences of non-clinical mental health support currently available for UK students.


Look it’s getting sunny outside. Time to rediscover those pleasurable moods.


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