Adult MHFA - The Mind Map
MHFA Course

Adult MHFA:
Half Day Course

Course Overview

This course aims to raise awareness of mental health over an introductory four hour session.

The course will provide you with:

  • A definition of what mental health is
  • A basic understanding of common mental health issues
  • Advice on addressing mental health stigma
  • Advice on maintaining your own mental health and wellbeing
  • Skills needed to confidently help someone in distress or experiencing mental ill health


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What to Expect from the Course

A mix of workshop activities, presentations, and group discussions will be used to guide learning on this course. Up to 25 people can participate in the course at any one time, helping to ensure that the instructor keeps participants safe and supported throughout.

Every participant who completes the course will receive:

  • An attendance certificate to show you are Mental Health Aware
  • A MHFA toolkit and workbook to support your personal mental health
  • A Mental Health First Aid resources manual for reference

Course Structure

A number of topics will be explored over the course of the four hour session with guidance from the instructor. All participants will leave the course as qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

The group will begin by answering the question – “What is mental health?”  The Mental Health Continuum will then be examined and some common factors that can affect mental health will be identified. Stigma surrounding mental health will also be discussed.

The session will then move on to explore some specific mental health conditions: anxiety disorders, depression, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, and psychosis. The group will also focus on stress and stress management. An instructor will then discuss how to spot signs of distress and the recovery process.

Finally, the group will discover how to Take 10 Together and start supportive conversations about mental health. Helpful resources and useful statistics will be shared. This final portion of the session will also address supporting mental health within the workplace.

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