FAN - Going Through The Emotions - The Mind Map
By Rebecca Durband

FAN – Going Through The Emotions

“Time away can’t be overstated”

Published 05/06/2018
After the loss of his father and birth of his first child, singer/guitarist Meric Long of the Dodos decided to step out of his comfort zone and begin solo recording project FAN.
A huge switch in music for him. Inspired from patterns created on a broken fan in a restaurant bathroom, Meric used two synthesizes that his father had left him to create songs that involved childhood influences – a mixture of textured rhythms and some garage punk. Today we were able to speak to Meric ahead of the release of the latest song Barton Den about life challenges and the importance music has to him…

Hey Meric, what are you working on at the moment?

I am right now in the middle of mixing a record for my other band The Dodos.

What has been your biggest life challenge and what did you do to overcome it?

To answer this question honestly I would have to say some things that could potentially really hurt some people that I love so I have to pass on the specific subject matter.

It’s not that it’s entirely a secret, but to frame something as my biggest life challenge and also have to name it as the thing it was in public before resolving it privately is probably not going to be received or understood in the way I want it to be heard.

How important has music been to your mental health?

Playing music and specifically songwriting for me is basic problem solving. But the problem is my brain.

Everything’s in knots and I have no idea how I feel or what I think about most things, but when a song or musical moment of creation happens it feels like everything unravels and there’s no questioning for that moment.

What would constitute a ‘perfect’ day for you?

Go for a run, coffee, record, dinner with family, record, sleep.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

The people that I can rely on to make me laugh.

Complete this sentence: “Ace mental health for me means…”

…feeling strong enough to hold up the people around me.

What do you eat to stay healthy?

Anything with ginger in it.  Ginger tea with lemon and honey, and chicken soup with lots of ginger.

Who was your best friend at school? What was the funniest thing they did?

A guy named Forrest whom I’ve known since pre-school.

He’s the best person to have a meal with.  It may not be the funniest thing he’s ever done, but without fail he does this dance when he likes something he eats that’s still makes me laugh every time.  It’s totally magical.

What is your favourite motivational quote?

This too shall pass.

What advice do you offer to friends when they are feeling overwhelmed?

Exercise, get some space from whatever it is that’s freaking them out.  Time away can’t be overstated.