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By Cecilia Polo

Fickle Friends: Going Through the Emotions

Fickle Friends write relatable indie pop songs about not fitting in, in the hope of helping their fellow outsiders. 

Published 13/03/2018

Brighton indie pop group Fickle Friends write relatable indie pop songs about not fitting in, in the hope of helping their fellow outsiders. 

Hello Fickle Friends. How are you?

Hey! We’re good thank you. We’ve just kicked off our U.K. tour.

Your debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’ is due to release on 16 March. Are you excited? What should we expect from it?

It’s been such a long time coming so we’re very excited and anxious. It’s a weird feeling not knowing how people will react to something you’ve poured your heart into for so long. You can expect to be surprised I think…it’s not all classic Fickle Friends indie pop…we’ve shown some more depth to what we can do and I hope that maybe people will see us slightly differently.

The title of the album is taken from the single ‘Brooklyn’, a song with lyrics that can relate to a lot of us. What is the story behind it? What inspired you when writing it?

Brooklyn is about feeling worried ALL THE TIME. Because I do, and at the time I was suffering with anxiety badly…which was completely alien to me and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Nothing anyone could say would make me feel any better and I just kinda let it consume me sometimes to the point where I was like “Jesus who the F*** are you anymore?!”. Brooklyn was a kind of therapy and let me put into metaphorical words what I was dealing with. Instead of directly mentioning anxiety I thought of it as a foreign place or person I wasn’t familiar with “he follows me daily, he knows how to love” – this basically describes how the feeling of worry just wouldn’t leave me alone.

What has been your biggest life challenge so far and what did you do to overcome it?

Probably sticking together through the dark times that came with being a busy touring band with no money or label. We had to work our arses off and it could get quite miserable (Brooklyn was written in the middle of this time). I think it’s time’s like then that separate the boys from the men. We relied on each other a lot and came out the other side.

What advice do you offer friends when they are feeling overwhelmed?     

I just tell them what works for me…everyone is different. The worst thing is to say “oh you’re fine! Don’t worry” – that’s like telling someone not to breathe! I say take a walk, or a run. Think about all the positive things going on in your life…because they probably out weigh the negative by A LOT. Finally meditation is brilliant. I put my headphones on and take a few minutes using the headspace app when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

What three songs lift up your spirit? Is there anything you do when it gets particularly busy in order to relax?

All night by chance the rapper, We used to be in love by Clean Cut Kid, and Ain’t It Fun by Paramore. I think I answered that above ha…. I read a book, use headspace, do some exercise.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

My friends and family. My talent and drive.

You’ve started a UK tour this past February. As much as playing live shows must be a thrilling experience, I’m sure there are both ups and downs. Do you believe having the support of one another as a band has helped in times when stress takes over?

Definitely. I think we can all tell when one of us is feeling low. It’s as simple as taking them aside…walking to get some coffee and chatting things out. Sometimes when you feel crap you just wanna be left alone and you can’t when you’re on tour – I think that’s a blessing.

When on the go, it might be difficult to stay healthy. At the Mind Map, we value both mental and physical health and would love to have some advice that could help our busy readers. What do you do to stay healthy on tour? Do you exercise in any way?

So three of us are vegan. Which I think is the best diet anyone can have! We also all work out on tour. Sam brings his bike. We go to the gym where we can in each city. I practice yoga in the hotel when we’re stuck somewhere in the side of a motorway. Health and fitness is so important for your mindset.

What would constitute a ‘perfect’ day for you?

Waking up early and going to an amazing yoga class. Going for breakfast and coffee afterwards and reading my book (avocado toast and an oat milk latte btw). Then go and play Glastonbury festival…get a tattoo with ma boys, drink espresso martinis, eat curry with my boyfriend and watch True Romance until we fall asleep,

Could you share with us a memory from your childhood that makes you particularly happy?

My first time on a drop slide (sometimes called death slides) when I lived in Devon. It seemed so terrifying and it took weeks of build up before I did it and I just remember it being the best feeling in the world when I got to the bottom ha.

Complete this sentence: “Ace mental health for me means…”

Being vegan, fitness, writing music and being in a healthy relationship.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us and good luck with the album and the tour! Is there anything else you’d like to add before we leave?

Pre order our album!!!! You won’t be sorry 😉