Introducing our new counselling trainee Emily Minchin - The Mind Map
By Phil Bridges

Introducing our new counselling trainee Emily Minchin

This year, we’re proud to have selected Emily Minchin from Edge Hill University as our trainee counsellor!

Published 08/11/2021
Did you know to become a qualified counsellor you need to deliver 100 volunteer hours to clients? Keen to help student counsellors develop, each academic year we collaborate with a university, to provide a placement.

Last year we supported Tess, who now works with us full time. This year, we’re proud to have selected Emily Minchin from Edge Hill University.

Read on as we get to know Emily!

Welcome to The Mind Map Emily! What is your work experience to date? 

I have 10 years experience in social work, supporting families in crisis, people with mental health challenges, those with addiction issues, and individuals affected by issues such as poverty and abuse. I’ve previously worked with children and families in public and private settings.

That’s valuable experience. What have you learned about people and mental health in your career so far?

Through my personal and professional experiences, I’ve found that better help is fundamental to better health. I’ve learned that whilst mental health is deeply personal, it affects everyone and the more we talk about it, the more we move towards better mental health.

I firmly believe that therapeutic relationships can bring about a life changing and positive change which is hard to put into words but is profoundly felt by the individuals involved.

We totally agree with that! So what attracted you to a counselling career?

I chose to study counselling as it changed my life when I suffered with my own mental health and self-esteem, and it would be a great privilege to facilitate this for others.

Are there any particular issues you’ll be looking to work with, in your counselling career?

I aim to offer a safe, supportive and empathetic space where people with anxiety, depression, burn out, work-related stress, and/or low-self esteem, can come and feel heard, understood and supported to experience better mental health. I feel passionate about supporting people of all ages and walks of life to find clarity, calm, and kindness in themselves, to strengthen and empower them in all of life’s circumstances.

Why did you choose to apply to The Mind Map?

Beyond marketing tag lines, The Mind Map really is a one-stop shop for all things mental health. They have a great reputation for having a big heart and vision in their pursuit of better mental health for all individuals. They’re staffed by humble, caring people who are committed to creating a kinder world. They care more for people than process, and more for health than wealth. That’s why I’m so happy to have joined The Mind Map as part of my counselling course at at Edge Hill.