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By Sue Bennett

Katie Piper – Inner Space

Inspirational writer Katie Piper on Michael Jackson, fashion and what makes the perfect gift.

Published 01/05/2018

Katie Piper is a best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner. Since surviving an acid attack in 2008 Katie has rebuilt her life, career, and set up a charity called The Katie Piper Foundation to help people with burns and scars to reconnect with their lives and communities. She has written two autobiographies and numerous self-help books on subjects ranging from finding your inner confidence to her latest book on parenthood. Her astonishing strength and recovery has been an inspiration to a wide range of people looking for a positive way to move forward. We caught up with Katie for Inner Space…

Hi Katie, do you still own a precious item from your youth? If so, what memories does it instantly evoke?

I was obsessed with Sylvanian Families toys when I was a child. I collected them and had the little house that they all lived in! I think it’s still at my parent’s house actually so I might ask my Dad to get it out of the loft for Belle to play with when we’re both next visiting so I can reminisce.

Have you ever bought an item thinking this is it now, this will complete my life and then immediate disappointment sets in for many different reasons? If so, what was that item?

When Belle was first born I got really over-excited and bought far too many things like travel cots and prams without doing my research first. I thought I needed way more than I did and that I would struggle if I didn’t have every last gadget out there! This time around I’ve been much more practical.

Would you describe yourself as a hoarder or destroyer?

I wouldn’t say I’m either to be honest but I do hoard certain things that I read like quotes and poems. I also like to keep sentimental items too so I have a big storage box of items like the girls first shoes and babygrows which I will keep forever.

Life without mobile phones – is it possible – what would it be like?

Oh no I couldn’t live without my phone! It would be a logistical nightmare for work but I do think it’s important to have time away from your phone, so for us, family time is family time which means no phones.

Here at Mind Map we have an extensive collection of records that speak volumes about our lives. Is there any one, two or twenty records that you can’t live without?

All of Michael Jackson’s albums! I grew up with them and have always been such a big fan of his music. The first ever Spice Girls album brings back such good memories of singing with my mum in the 90s too. I hope they do go back on tour… I’ll be first in line for tickets if they do!

What makes a good present, how much thought has to go in to it?

The best presents are always the sentimental ones. I much prefer an experience to a material gift, like a little weekend away or a trip to see a show. That way you get to enjoy the present with your loved ones too.

Might be predictable but…what’s your favourite item of clothing and why?

I have always loved fashion and my particular favourites would have to be my Valentino shoes! I absolutely love them, they make me feel really confident and are always my go-to for any special occasions. I also love my Victoria Beckham dress – both Victoria and her designs are amazing.

It’s been wonderful launching my clothing collection with Want That Trend.Com back in early 2017 too. I also wore pieces from my maternity collection throughout my pregnancy with Penelope which was great having struggled to find affordable maternity wear when I was pregnant with Belle.  I worked right up to a few weeks before she was born so I really appreciated having comfortable clothing even when I needed to look glam!

From Mother to Daughter: The Things I’d Tell My Child, by Katie Piper is available here