Kevin Krauter takes control of his life trajectory - The Mind Map
By Jack Gough

Kevin Krauter takes control of his life trajectory

“Take three deep breaths and chug some water. “

Published 12/07/2018

Kevin Krauter’s debut album ‘Toss up’ was created between tours as the former Hoops man spent long hours crafting a perfect palette of 60’s flower pop via noughties indie pop. The Indiana songwriter’s reverb heavy sound is reminiscent of a blissed out Beach Fossils or early Yo La Tengo. We chatted to Kevin about taking control of your trajectory and swimming.

What are you listening to, reading and watching at the moment?

I’m listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi in the van right now because it’s too hot outside. I haven’t really read anything recently but I’m hoping to change that. I’ve been on a big anime kick lately. Just finished trigun and I’m about to finish samurai champloo.

What has been your biggest life challenge so far and what did you do to overcome it?

Up to this point, it would probably be establishing confidence in myself and learning how to assert that in my life and with the people around me in a healthy, constructive way. I dropped out of college to start touring and pursuing music full time, and that situation was very scary and very tough, especially with my parents. But there was a point where I had to get real with them and myself that this was a decision I was going to make, for better or for worse, and that from this point forward I need to start acting like an adult and take responsibility for my life trajectory. I think everyone goes through that in some way, and I’m sure that my situation was probably easier than most.

What would constitute a ‘perfect’ day for you?

My absolute favourite activity is swimming, so probably a trip to a lake or a beach or just a pool. Maybe spend some time working on music and being productive. Then in the evening, cook dinner with my girlfriend.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

I’m pretty close with my family and for that I’m very grateful because I know a lot of people who couldn’t say the same. I also feel like I have a great support system among my friends, and I feel very loved by the people I love. That’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I guess I’m grateful to have music in my life and the opportunity to make it and be around it all the time. But none of that would be worth anything if not for the people I get to share it with.

Complete this sentence: “Ace mental health for me means…”

Staying active mentally, physically, and socially. I never feel worse than when I sit and watch TV for an entire day, although sometimes that can be nice if I’m feeling stressed and need to unwind.

What do you eat to stay healthy?

My diet isn’t the best, but I’ve been trying to cook at home more often rather than eating out. I usually eat way healthier when I do that cause I like to cook with lots of veggies.

Do you have a daily routine of exercise or do you make it up as you go along?

My exercise routine kind of comes and goes, but I like to run every now and then and do some push-ups and sit-ups when I can. I try to swim whenever I get the chance.

Here at The Mind Map we remember playing football and ‘tag’ – running around the playground everyday and loving it – can you share a similar memory?

I have six siblings and we were all home schooled until high school. We used to have a trampoline in our backyard, and I remember sneaking out to jump on it everyday when my mom would take a phone call or something.

What three songs lift your spirits?

Fogo Do Sol by Marcos Valle

Love Trip by Takako Mamiya

Ordinary Lover by Moon King

What advice do you offer to friends when they are feeling overwhelmed?

Take three deep breaths and chug some water. Then make a list of all the stuff that’s stressing you out and what you need to get done. It’s usually a lot less overwhelming when it’s on paper in front of you and not floating around in our head. If that doesn’t work then find someone who is willing to listen to you talk through everything that’s overwhelming you. I think making a habit of externalising your stress in small, gentle ways like that is way healthier than letting it grow until it externalises itself in big, destructive ways.