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By Phil Bridges

Watch: How to cook a banging ratatouille

Learn how to make a ratatouille fit for an 80s dinner party king.

Published 12/03/2018

In addition to being a chef, Paddy Morrison is a trainee counsellor, interested in the link between mood and food.We visited Paddy to learn how to make a simple ratatouille at the house he shares with 15 friends in Toxteth, Liverpool.


Paddy chose this 80s dinner party classic as it’s a dish you can creatively cheaply from simple, everyday ingredients. The word ratatouille actually comes from the French ‘touiller’ – to stir. So stick on your favourite striped jumper, some French electro and get cooking.

For two people, you’ll just need: oil, onions, carrots, vegetable stock, salt, lemon, aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes (tinned or fresh)

Send us images of your creations to @themindmapmag. Also give Paddy’s workplace @MarayLiverpool a follow, they make nice falafel. 

French electro: