Meet gal-dem founder Liv Little - The Mind Map
By Darina Mohammed

Meet gal-dem founder Liv Little

There is community out there.

Published 13/11/2020
Gal-Dem founder Liv Little talks community, cookery and growth.

Liv Little grew up in south-east London, with Guyanese and Jamaican families. Whilst studying politics at the University of Bristol, Liv founded Gal-Dem – an online and print publication committed to telling the stories of women and non-binary people of colour. We chatted to Liv to uncover her wellbeing habits and plans for future growth.

Can you talk me through your journey and why you decided to start Gal-Dem?

So it was really just a response to a lack of wide representation in Uni and in the British Media, and a want to connect with other people who share similar values and ideas in politics.

Before you started Gal-Dem what did you envision for your future after University?

I thought that I would go into the third sector because I’ve done a lot of work around women and asylum.

How has running Gal-Dem personally changed or affected you?

In so many ways! It has affected my confidence and just knowing that your experience and opinion are just as valid as others and I think that’s something that’s really powerful and it’s something that’s really impacted on me in a personal way.

What would be your advice for creatives who have an idea but don’t know where to go from there?

I think finding a community and connecting with other people to develop ideas is a great thing.

But everyone has a different process so it’s trying things out and seeing what works.

What is your go to activity for a pick me up?

Cooking! Always cooking! That for me is a form of therapy and I can spend hours in the kitchen cooking something really slow. If I’ve had a really long day then that’s how I would relax! Also swimming too is great.

Can you tell me a film or a book that has moved you?

Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of my favourite films, and Here Comes The Sun by Nicole Dennis is insane, it’s such a good book! They both spoke to me.

What are your tips to maintain your mental health and wellbeing?

I think for me personally scheduling things is really important, If I don’t schedule things they don’t happen. In the day to day hecticness of life it’s very easy to forget a lot of things, so physically putting things into my diary really helps me maintain my wellbeing. 

What would your highlight of the past year?

There’s been so many! But I think writing my first short story was a real highlight for me as I’ve never written fiction before, and it was scary but I did it which was great, and there was an exhibition to launch it which was fantastic! That was a really nice moment.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just to not worry and that there is community out there.

Talk me through your perfect day?

Just cooking again! Spending hours making a roast and walking in the countryside. Ideally making the roast after the long walk.

Can you tell me some things you would like to achieve this year? 

Just to keep growing! To be happy, to be curious, to read more! Also to find time to do things I enjoy outside of a work context. 

What are your future plans for yourself and for Gal-Dem?

To grow into a global media company and be the go to platform for amazing, creative and wonderful content that is made by women and non binary people.