Lo Moon - Going Through The Emotions - The Mind Map
By Conor Giblin

Lo Moon – Going Through The Emotions

“When I’m most anxious, my mind is running around and finding its way into places that create anxiety”

Published 02/05/2018
Photography By Image courtesy of Chuff Media

Lo Moon are a trio from Los Angeles made up of Matt Lowell (vocals, guitar) Crisanta Baker (bass) and Samuel Stewart (guitar). Their self-titled debut album was released in February to critical acclaim, following their European tour supporting London Grammar late last year. We chatted to Matt about meditation, his love of Bruce Springsteen and much more…

Hey Lo Moon, what are you working on at the moment?
Hey! At this very moment, we are getting ready for our biggest headline show to date in Los Angeles. We are also working on some new music, we’re trying to get back into the studio this summer to work on new material.

In ‘Loveless’, you sing “Battled myself so many times, What I was isn’t what I want now”. Have you ever resisted yourself changing? How did you deal with that internal struggle of accepting that you were becoming a different person and that it was OK for that to happen?
I think there’s always a self-awareness I investigate when writing my lyrics. When I wrote this lyric, I realized that I had been in a relationship that wasn’t right for me and I was acting in a way that I didn’t feel was the true me. So in that way, I must have gone through some time resisting the fact that I wasn’t in a great place. I am constantly checking in with myself and making sure I’m honest with the way I am feeling or trying the best to navigate my headspace. I have often turned to meditation for this and I believe it’s so important to be able to accept change internally. That’s when the growth happens.

You supported London Grammar on tour late last year, how was that experience?
It was incredible. We are so thankful to those guys for taking us out! We had an amazing time and played for some amazing crowds.

Your debut album Lo Moon is out now, what is your favourite song to perform live from the record and why?
Our favorite song to play live is probably ‘Tried To Make You My Own’. We are able to stretch out a bit musically on that tune and it’s always fun trying new things every night.

What has been your biggest life challenge and what did you do to overcome it?
I think my biggest life challenge happened shortly after I moved to LA around 4 years ago. When I moved here, I was in the middle of talks with a major label and had gone all the way down the line and moved here to start working on the record. In the end, that deal fell apart and it helped me re-align. I had to be very honest with myself on what I wanted to accomplish musically. It helped me to find my voice, and through that I ended up in a place that felt like fertile ground for us to grow as a band.

How important has music been to your mental health?
It’s pretty much everything for me. Music is so cathartic for me and I always feel better when I’m creating. Sometimes it’s the only thing that helps me get through my anxiety and my neurosis. I know how important it is to remember that daily. 

What would constitute a ‘perfect’ day for you?
I think it’s always a great day when I’m able to get some exercise in the morning and then head into the studio for the day and play a show at night. That’s pretty much what I shoot for [laughs] It’s really hard to get the studio and a show in one day!

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
I’m most grateful for my health and the people around me. I have such a supportive friend group and an incredibly inspiring and supportive family. 

Complete this sentence: “Ace mental health for me means…”
Ace mental health for me means that my mind can sit in the quiet and be OK with that. I find when I’m most anxious, my mind is running around and finding its way into places that create anxiety. It’s so important for me to remember to meditate and quiet the mind. 

Who was your best friend at school? What was the funniest thing they did?
My friend Matt and I go way back. He did some pretty funny things and most of those things he probably wouldn’t want me to repeat… He was a constant goof ball, especially when he had too much to drink! [laughs]. He was never out of line though, he’s matured a lot.

What advice do you offer to friends when they are feeling overwhelmed?
Go straight to the thing or person you love the most. Sit in that place for a while.

What three songs lift your spirits?
‘Pain’ by The War On Drugs. ‘Graceland’ by Paul Simon. ‘Born To Run’ or pretty much any Bruce Springsteen tune.

Do you have any routines that help you through stressful situations, such as right before a live performance?
I just listen to music that calms me, or I count my breaths. 

What do you eat to stay healthy?
I eat very healthy at home and I’m lucky enough to live with a fitness guru! She keeps it pretty easy for me.

Do you have a daily routine of exercise or do you make it up as you go along?
I love to do a spin class in the am or just go for a run. That really helps me keep in a great headspace. It’s so important for me to exercise!