We Love Life - Sian Holdsworth - The Mind Map
By Ben Murray

We Love Life – Sian Holdsworth

“Ace mental health for me means a good social connection”.

Published 22/03/2018
Photography By Darina Mohammed

Sian Holdsworth, 22, works as a supply teacher. We met her in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and talked about podcasts, education and mind puzzles.

What are your plans for today?
My plans are just go around Manchester see the sights, it’s my home city so I just love it. I’ll probably end up drinking somewhere if I’m perfectly honest.

Are you studying or working at the moment?
I just finished a PGCE in Primary Education and currently working as a supply teacher.

What are you listening to?
A podcast by Elis James and John Robins from Radio X. I sometimes listen to football podcasts and the Russell Brand podcast. I like how he interviews loads of different people from different specialisms. And he’s open with his religious views and he’s very funny. 

What are you watching at the moment?
I’ve just finished Peaky Blinders and I’m waiting for Taboo to come out. I was watching Feud; it’s like an American old-fashioned drama with a lot of the cast from American Horror Story in it.

For what, in life, do you feel most grateful for?
Definitely friends, family and my education. There’s a lot of people that don’t have one or some of those things so I’m very grateful for all of them.

Complete the sentence, “Ace mental health for me means…”
For me it means good social connection, having people you can rely on. Being happy with yourself.

What do you do to stay mentally healthy?
I listen to a lot of music. I like mind puzzles like Sudoku, Scrabble; games like that. Just general relaxing on my own.

Who inspires you and why?
It’s hard at the moment, the people who did inspire me are all saying horrible things.
There’s a lot of teachers, past colleges, who’re really inspiring. Like what I want to become.