The Mind Mix #2 by Sid Hand Halford - The Mind Map
By Jack Gough

The Mind Mix #2 by Sid Hand Halford

Let Dionne Warwick and The Pixies soundtrack your day.

Published 27/03/2018
Photography By Neelam Khan Vela

We take our music pretty seriously here at The Mind Map. Similar to the way Dewey Finn (Jack Black) in School of Rock takes his music seriously, it’s a religion. The power of a power chord, or the blast of a beat can turn a bad day on its head, and make you smile like you’ve just woken up and realised it’s the start of the six week holidays.

We all need to plug into our inner rocker from time to time, if only to play air guitar and laugh at ourselves. So here’s our resident DJ, Sid, of Halifax band The Orielles with the second edition of The Mind Mix. Enjoy.