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By Dean Temple

Dr Jones on the link between mood and music

Stressed Brits are turning to their music collections for relief.

Published 08/10/2019

The results of research for this year’s National Album Day  indicate a strong link between listening to albums and mental well-being, with respondents agreeing that album listening is a source of comfort.

The research supports this year’s #DontSkip theme, which encourages fans to listen to albums in full and also serves to highlight the well-being and mental health benefits of album listening as a form of musical mindfulness.

One expert well versed in the link between mood and music is Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock.

Jones has spent the past 25 years studying and applying music neuroscience, showing how music can transform lives.

Speaking exclusively to The Mind Map, Dr Jones said:

“We’ve been aware of the scientific evidence regarding the positive effects of music on the brain and body for decades. We also know that taking “time out” of our hectic schedules is essential to maintain our wellbeing.

The album offers a perfect recipe for delivering the cocktail of neurochemical and physiological benefits, while also ensuring we enjoy an extended break.

“It’s an experience with a built in stopwatch so there’s no need for clock watching. We can just sit back and enjoy the effects. The album is a particularly effective intervention at night when we’re approaching bedtime. Sleep has been identified as an absolutely critical factor in wellbeing and listening to a low tempo relaxing album can help get us into ‘sleep mode’ and increase the likelihood of a solid 8 hours of rest and recovery. For that reason alone we should all be switching off the TV and listening to an album before bed every night.

“Tips to achieve the best results:

– Pick an album that matches your personal tastes and experiences

– Use good noise cancelling headphones to really immerse yourself in the experience and reduce the likelihood of distractions

– Select an album that is most likely to help you meet your goal. Want to de-stress after a harrowing day at work? – choose a slow tempo style that you can sing along to and synchronise your breathing

“Want to energise at lunchtime? – an uptempo album and a walk around the local neighbourhood is likely to provide the boost you need

Want to focus in the office to cope with your workload? – choose a low volume low tempo ambient or classical soundtrack with simple melodic structures.”

About National Album Day – www.nationalalbumday.co.uk