Post Animal - Going Through The Emotions - The Mind Map
By Ellis Toner

Post Animal – Going Through The Emotions

“Playing music everyday with my best friends”

Published 06/06/2018

Chicago based rockers, Post Animal formed in 2014 . We caught up with them to talk challenges, chia seeds and touring. 

What are you working on at the moment?

We’re just working on a tour at the moment. We’re in Louisville, KY at Zanzabar tonight – a very sick venue! As for what we’re working on long term, just making some new material, touring and moving forward!

What’s been your biggest life challenge and how did you overcome it?

Probably just having a bad day and still having to get up on that there stage. To overcome it, you just look to your boys for love and support or you put your head down or do whatever you need to do to get the job done!

How important has music been to your mental health?

Music has been very important to my mental health. I’ve had times where I’ve lost all sight of my hopes and dreams but still had my passion for music. That’s big! You need passion.

What would constitute a ‘perfect’ day for you?

A perfect day would be waking up in my bed at home with my sweet baby and my dog and the morning suns blasting through my living room window and breakfast is being cooked and I got a fresh cup and some great plans for the day like a hike or a movie or a fun show.

For what in life are you most grateful?

Being able to play music everyday with my best friends!

Complete the sentence: ‘Ace mental health for me means…’

Ace mental health for me means talking it out!

What do you eat to stay healthy?

Fruits, veggies, hummus, pita, yogurt, chia seeds, granola, rice, beans, just the good stuff!

Who was your best friend at school and what was the funniest thing they did?

My friend Max N. He climbed the capitol building and fell on my face!

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

“Si se puede”

What advice do you give friends when they are feeling overwhelmed?

I usually just try and be warm and comforting and give a hug if it’s wanted!