Q&A - Childe - The Mind Map
By Dean Temple

Q&A – Childe

It turns out humans need social interaction, and it turns out I’m one of those humans.

Published 01/03/2021
“When you experience trauma as a kid, you end up becoming drawn to the extremity of the emotion because that’s what you felt before, that’s the grooves that have been cut in me that show me how to feel, and I think I’m drawn back to that.”

Childe uses bittersweet electro pop as a frame to confront trauma, solitude, and his ADD.

“I’m drawn to feeling hard” he tells us.

We delve into Childe’s inner world to explore how he’s been coping in these fractured times.

How has the pandemic affected your mental health?

At the beginning I was okay, the state of the unknown is something I’m pretty familiar with.

The initial response of altruism from people was really encouraging.

I naively felt reassured by the concept that we were ‘all in the same boat’.

After a while it became obvious that the pandemic was worsening social inequality, and that it would become another burden on the misfortunate.

Now I am starting to struggle with the isolation, I didn’t think I would but I am.

It turns out humans need social interaction, and it turns out I’m one of those humans.

Are you doing anything differently to look after your mental health during this period?

I’m doing the same as everyone else and doing yoga in my bedroom.

Trying to write a song every day.

I’m reading too, which I never did before. I’ve been on 3 runs in a year.

What are you looking forward to doing once things improve?

Playing live. Going to shows. Seeing my friends without worrying about going to jail.

What new TV, films, music or books have you discovered during lockdown that you’d recommend?

There are too many to do a whole list but my music picks from the year are:

Sudan Archives – Confessions

Berwyn – Vinyl

Slowthai – feel away ft. James Blake, Mount Kimbie

Blake Mills – Hiroshima

I’ve read ‘In The Realm Of the Hungry Ghosts’ by Gabor Mate, he’s a superhero who changed the way I look at life.

‘Scar Tissue’, the Anthony Kiedis biography, is a fascinating insight into an even more fascinating life.

I watched Michaela Coel rip it up and start again on her show ‘I May Destroy You’ – that’s the best thing I’ve seen.

‘Succession’ because I’m addicted to it.

What advice would you give to a 16 year old you?

I’d tell myself to chill. I was a bit nuts and probably wouldn’t have listened to any advice.

I would tell myself that time really does mend.

If you had to draw a pie chart for what keeps you mentally well – what would it look like (ie 20% good sleep, 20% connection, 20% medication, 40% medication)

15% art

10% exercise

30% sleep

35% love

10% medication

What are you passionate about?

I love the power of people.

I think we are living in a time where, for a number of reasons, people’s voices are being heard.

Ultimately that’s got to be the goal.

The more we know, the more we understand.

There’s definitely a long way to go, but the power of the people feels stronger than ever.

Tell us something not many people know about you

I have ADHD

How does your ADHD affect you? 

Even though I’ve got a bit more of a grip on it these days, my compulsive instinct is cut pretty deep.

I’ve learned to stop and think a bit, but it’s not my default.

I spent a few years with pretty savage bulimia – which is compulsive and about control.

When I’m excited is the only time I focus, which sounds weird but that’s how it goes.

What has helped you to deal with it?

I took all the Ritalin/concerta etc back in the day. I think it numbed me out to a point where I wasn’t disruptive.

I had a good few years of therapy. My family and friends make sure I feel loved.

I’m definitely a work in progress.

How can other people get help – what organisations are out there? 

Find someone you trust and talk to them, and if you haven’t got one then send me a message.