Q&A - Lillie West - The Mind Map
By Phil Bridges

Q&A – Lillie West

How is our most played Spotify artist of 2020 getting on in lockdown?

Published 27/01/2021
“Now’s the time to love your life, don’t miss a moment,” duets Lillie West (Lala Lala) with Clay Frankel (Twin Peaks, Grapetooth), on their collaborative 7″ single Valentine.

Ironically, in a year of missed moments, the track, a double a side with Fantasy Movie, became my most played tune of 2020, according to the statisticians at Spotify.

Raised in London, Lillie moved with her family to LA as a teen, before relocating to Chicago to study art. A guitar purchased from Craigslist later paving the way for a career in music.

I caught up with Lillie over email to see how she’s been doing during the pandemic.

How has the pandemic affected your mental health?

Negatively : ) 

Are you doing anything differently to look after your mental health during this period?

I’m paying special attention to what I need and exercising a lot more.

What are you looking forward to doing once things improve?

Having friends over for dinner, playing music with other people, travelling. 

What new TV, films, music or books have you discovered during lockdown?

Books: Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo, Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid, The Third Hotel by Laura van den Berg. TV show: High Maintenance. Music: Forest Management.

What advice would you give to 16 year old you?

Practice piano. 

If you had to draw a pie chart of what keeps you mentally well – what would it look like?

20% good sleep, 20% exercise, 20% friendship, 20% being creative, 10% medication, 10% location. 

What are you passionate about?

The people I love, nature, prison abolition. 

Tell us something not many people know about you.

I stopped eating meat when I was 15. My favourite colour is green. I have a cat named Fern.

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