Q&A - Iyamah - The Mind Map
By Ellis Toner

Q&A – Iyamah

“It’s so important you build that relationship with yourself.”

Published 22/06/2021
“With everything going on in the world it’s not so simple or easy for everyone to just wake up and feel good.”

Iyamah is a Brighton born, neo soul singer.

She describes herself as constantly evolving, letting go of anything that compromises her growth.

Her latest single comes after the ending of a relationship, and experiencing the terrible uncertainty of homelessness.

For a girl who’s gone from singing and playing piano in her bedroom, to attracting worldwide attention in under 12 months…

We were glad to be able to catch up with her.

Hi Iyamah! How has the pandemic affected your mental health?

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, with a positive ending.

At first I thought I couldn’t cope living on my own, I went into a bit of a dark hole.

But then I managed to come through the other end and I feel reborn!

I think spending time reflecting and facing the things that I had been avoiding, really enabled me to find clarity.

Are you doing anything differently to look after your mental health during this period?

Yes definitely, I’m much more mindful about the things I’m doing.

What I’m eating – making sure I’m staying active and reading books, having lots of baths and being less strict with myself.

It’s good to be productive, but not 24/7.

What are you looking forward to doing once things improve?

I’m looking forward to shows again, and festivals. I’ve missed those big time!

What new TV, films, music or books have you discovered during lockdown that you’d recommend?

At the moment I’m reading, ‘The Power Of Now’.

It’s all about staying present, and not allowing the mind to take over your thoughts.

Also becoming aware of your self and your ego, which is super important.

I’ve also watched every Netflix series and documentary you can think of!

What advice would you give to a 16 year old you?

To make the most out of being young and carefree!

Enjoy every moment with your friends and family, as you never know what could happen tomorrow.

Be kind to yourself and grateful for what you have.

I’d also say to really take note of the things that make you happy and continue to pursue them!

If you had to draw a pie chart for what keeps you mentally well – what would it look like? (eg 30% family 10% exercise etc)

I’m terrible at maths and anything to do with numbers…. but I’d say it’s evenly split between these 6 things:

Music, family, friends, exercise, nature, food

What are you passionate about?

I love expression of all kinds. Whether it’s talking, writing, painting, running, laughing.

I think it’s really important to express yourself

Tell us something not many people know about you?

My real surname is Bond… 007

What’s the biggest challenge/s you’ve faced and how did you overcome it/them?

I think the biggest challenge, has been the realisation that you are always going to be alone in some way.

You can’t expect anyone to understand you 100%, or be there for you 24/7.

It’s so important you build that relationship with yourself.

Know that YOU can make YOU feel safe and supported.

Understand you got your own back. That’s the best lesson!

Iyamah’s single Sofa is out now.