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Sky News feature The Mind Map

Our client Jess, talked about how our counselling has helped her over lockdown.

Published 08/04/2021
The Mind Map’s founder Phil Bridges and our counselling client Jess Evans were interviewed by Sky News’ Stephen Dixon today.

Jess talked about how The Mind Map’s counselling has helped her in lockdown. While Phil talked about how his own OCD and anxiety led to him creating The Mind Map.

Jess said: “The pandemic gave me extra time to reflect and I could see I needed help with a few different parts of my life.

I really wanted to better myself, it wasn’t just about going through a healing process or getting over a trauma for me.

“I wanted to be mentally healthier and stronger, and checking in on my mental health and working on myself during this time and making sure I’m in a healthy place has really been invaluable.”

She continued: “The Mind Map have been amazing, showing me you don’t need to be at rock bottom or breaking point to go for counselling. You can invest in your mental health at any point.

“You don’t need to go a long time without talking about things, they really taught me that looking after your mental health is more an overall lifestyle choice rather than something you only do when you’re having a crisis.

“Lockdown and the pandemic have helped people be able to be a bit more vulnerable and wear their hearts on their sleeve. Being able to say “actually I’m going through this and it’s a bit of a tough time at the minute.” 

“Personally, I distracted myself previously with work, social life, and it was only when I slowed down with the pandemic that I was having those real conversations with friends, saying yes, I actually am struggling, I’ve struggled with this for years and now I need to unpack it a little bit.”

You can watch the interview here.