We Love Life - Holly Carrington - The Mind Map
By Phil Bridges

We Love Life – Holly Carrington

“I feel most grateful for my family, and for what they’ve given me. I feel really independent”.

Published 12/03/2018
Photography By Darina Mohammed

Holly Carrington, 28, is a film graduate from Manchester. We caught up with her in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, chatting about her love for Louie Armstrong, film projects, and meditation

Are you studying or working at the moment?
I recently graduated from the National Film and Television School in London, studying film production, which I’m trying to do freelance this year. So far I have been production manager and co-ordinated two feature films. And doing a couple of my own projects. Plus, I’m working as a waitress.

What are you listening to?
Well, I really only listen to Queens of the Stone Age. But I’m into a wide variety of stuff. At the moment I’m listening to blues; Howling Wolf and Louie Armstrong.

What are you reading?
I’ve just finished reading Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. The film is coming out next year. It’s about a bunch of misfits who have special powers and they try and rob this dark lord. It’s pretty cool.

What are you watching?
I’ve just started Big Little Lies and Black Mirror season four.

And what would constitute a perfect day for you?
A lie in till about half ten. A nice dog walk. Working for a couple of hours and people replying to my emails. A nice sunny day and a tasty meal in the evening. I’m a pretty simple girl.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful for?
For my family, and for what they’ve given me. I feel really independent and they’ve given me all of that.

What does ace mental health mean to you?
Calm mind, calm thoughts, no anxiety, and help. Help from lots of other people.

What do you do to stay mentally healthy?
Yoga, and sometimes I meditate.

Who inspires you and why?
Myself, I think if you can’t inspire yourself you’re a bit screwed. Also, strong women in the past, people who’ve brought you along and helped you. The woman I fell in love with first was Brody Dalle for The Distillers. She was a big part of the first punk movement and probably the first woman since Courtney Love to pick up a guitar and be taken seriously.