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Our founder Phil Bridges provides comment to HR Grapevine

Phil’s comments came following Boris Johnson’s announcement that lockdown restrictions would continue.

Published 22/06/2021
Kieran Howells today (22 June, 2021) featured comments on HR Grapevine from our founder Phil Bridges on the psychological impacts of the COVID delay for business leaders.

This follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressing the nation to confirm the extension of current coronavirus restrictions

Phil commented that one of the key areas leaders must take into account is the psychological impact the delay will have on workers who may be continually struggling with the current circumstances.

“Small businesses have been at high risk of experiencing health and financial security issues since the pandemic began. So, a further lockdown delay will apply unwanted additional pressure.

“It’s important that leaders check in on both their own mental health and that of their staff at this uncertain time,” he noted, adding that one key to alleviating this negative impact may be introducing mental health specialists.

Mental Health First Aiders and counsellors can provide additional support for staff who may be struggling,” Phil added.”

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